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Chiropractic Glossary

Adjustment: Specific Chiropractic technique to correct neurological transmission and expression.

Alternative care: Professional approaches that may be used instead of regular mainstream medical care.

Complimentary care: Professional care that supplements or completes routine medical care (without conflicting) while enhancing best results.

Luxation: Bone dislocated out of joint.

Manipulation: Moving bones and soft tissue (e.g. muscles) to improve mobility and circulation. Not specifically for correcting subluxations. (See adjustment above)

Luschka’s joints: From C3 through C6, small joints, formed by two lips, one projects upward from the superior surface of the vertebral body below, and one projects downward from the inferior surface of vertebral body above. Often involved with hyper-flexion /hyperextension (whiplash) injuries. AKA:Joints of Luska: tiny joints on sides of cervical vertebrae, often involved with neck injuries (often unknown to ordinary Doctors) cause complications of whiplash injuries.

HEALTH: It is NOT just the absence of symptoms, but rather, physical and mental condition of soundness and vigor; freedom from dis-ease and ailments.

IATROGENIC:"Physician caused".  May be caused by diagnosis, manner or treatment of a physician.

Nerve roots: Junctions where nerves extend to leave the spinal canal.

Normal curves of spine: Forward and backward curves with no curves bending sideways.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation: Attempts to improve form or function toward establishing better utility.

PREVENTION:   Lifestyle action of maintaining health and immune system integrity.

Scoliosis: Lateral (sideways) curving of the spine.

Spine: 26 movable segments of your torso that houses part of the brain and spinal cord and allows motion.

Spinal cord: a cord of nerves in the spinal canal, connecting the brain to exit between the vertebrae to the rest of the body.

Spinal stenosis: Condition of altered space within the spine, interfering with the spinal cord or nerves.

Subluxation: Bone out of place within it’s normal range of motion, with fixation, causing altered nerve function.

Symptom: “The alarm”, the warning that something is wrong.  It can be treated by covering the alarm or find and correct the cause.

WELLNESS:   Fact or condition of being in maximum physical and mental health.

REACH CHIROPRACTIC CARE: Doctors committed to world class standard of drug-less care. They are patient advocates who are suited and qualified to objectively advise “the best approach”.  They may work in conjunction with other professions when indicated.   Whatever is in the patient’s best interest.