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Disc, Back, and Neck Pain Relief Services in Phoenix.

Turn to Reach Chiropractic in Phoenix when you are suffering from back and neck pain due to an accident or to get relief you need from many nerve problems.
We are known for our world-class chiropractic care.  We do whatever it takes to find and correct the actual causes. We make sure you are confident and 
comfortable during our care.

Dr. Vicki Reach 

Dr. Vicki Reach

Time Marches On.  So Do We!

"We believe that life has the inalienable right to all that it is capable of attaining."

Spinal Structure Disorders
With conservative, hands-on care, we take down a thorough history and complete a preliminary diagnosis.      If x-rays are necessary, we study them and show them to you as soon as possible.

Neck Pain Relief
Great Doctors of chiropractic care, our doctors use excellent protocol during all procedures. We make your whole experience as painless as possible to help you,
including rehabilitation programs proven to speed your recovery.

Low Back Pain Relief & Disc Problems
Once we decide the probable cause of your problem, we will recommend your best course of action toward relief and correction.   e.g. The muscle spasms may be just "splinting" to protect underlying damage; nerves affected by structural changes, spinal stenosis (pressure or "pinching"), immediate trauma or chronic micro-traumas, e.g. carpel tunnel syndrome and scoliosis. Traumatic injury e.g. tearing, rupture, dehydration damage, occupational strains, or the disc altered by other structural changes are differentiated.  We then decide the best treatment strategies for you. (Disc problems, for example, are treated differently than muscular pain.)

Other Conditions stemming from spinal/structural or Life style problems.

Neurological conditions; can dramatically appear far from the cause.  e.g. paralysis, numbness, palsy, shingles, effects from strokes.  Just treating the symptom without finding the cause is like painting the red light black on your dashboard instead of checking the oil.

Fixing things (where ordinary measures may have failed) has helped build our professional standing for 50 years.


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Dr. Frank Reach  

Dr. Frank Reach