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What cha think?   By Dr. A.G. Reach

OK,  I asked for feedback; I could have gotten worse than: "Can express a sentence in two paragraphs any time."

In each of the healing arts, eventually the practitioner develops a philosophy and work ethic to which it leads.  Next time I'll discuss some of this subject.
Knowledge makes life easier.  Haven't you ever wondered what make some folks do what they do?  Back soon.  agr1 

So, Mr. Edison was apparently way ahead of the Medical Profession back then.  It is only now that the medical profession and even insurance companies seem to be finally realizing the depth of his prediction.  BUT, Chiropractors and a few other type of "quacks" have been practicing and preaching those truths for decades.  When I first associated with Chiropractic I heard that the two "bad" things were they "preached" a lot,
(read "tried to educate patients"), and "they try to keep you coming back", (read $).  What I found out as I was taught by Doctors who had impeccable credentials and also impeccable integrity was that part of the mission of a good Doctor was to effect peoples lives enough that they valued "causation" instead of just symptom treating.  And prevention is better health-wise than repair.  I was a Johnny-come-lately in 1958, old Chiropractors had been "preaching" before I was born.  Often again the wind of Orthodox Drug (er; I mean Medicine Doctors).  Osteopaths dipped there toes in and are more open in general than Ordinary M.D.s whose powerful Union was so strong for so long and spent millions of Dollars in "public relations" attacking anyone who dared speak heresy.  
Anyway folks, pay attention to what you eat, although reading a label is for regulations not real people.  It's a little trouble but not impossible without becoming nuts or fanatical. All things in moderation.  Take care of the human frame.  Many aches, pains, and diagnostic codes can be avoided.  The Brain through the spinal cord and peripheral nerves controls and coordinates all the other functions of the body.  Even the hormones and enzymes and other chemicals are exacting in there functions, if not interfered with.
Think about it!  I'll be back.
Well, today we learned that since we first opened Reach Chiropractic in March 1962 the culture has changed tremendously toward paying for their health care.  We have evolved from taking the best care of ourselves that fit our lifestyle and paying out of our pocket for professional help when needed.  Folks were more conservative,  doing for each other and skipped "Doctoring" or running to ER's for minor problems.  You do that when you know it's your money.  But the "marketing" of third-party-pay plans has slowly reduced the memory of the costs, after all the insurance people always make money on those who don't or don't often need to make claims.  But someone always pays, you paid a premium or your employer did, or perhaps just other tax payers because someone has to pay and be paid.  This brings up the point I witnessed: Hospitals, Doctors and other caregivers realized that patients didn't care about the money.  So, more "defensive" care could be given: the professions could "cover" themselves against Liability Lawyers who could in front of a Jury,make you look  as if having decided something was not necessary was wrong,  when in fact any honest peer would have made the same decision.  Aha, but Lawyers have "experts" they can "buy" (excuse me, hire), that will make lots of money seeing it a more optional way etc.
Also, patient compliance became much better, e.g. with spinal rehab as with most all rehab it takes time and work., Chiropractic and PT patients did better sticking with their programs; with MD's, defensively, now could take 8-10-12 x-rays when 1 or 2 may have already showed all he/she would need to know.  Along those lines, if the attending Doctor can't read nor doesn't have the expertise to judge the x-ray that might show the problem, he has to use a radiologist.  The radiologist has not examined the patient therefore needs to all the films for that area so he won't cause the attending to miss something.  More radiation for the patient+more cost etc.  Chiropractors have been traditionally trained to take and read ex-rays for their work; can be conservative if possible and  refer for more if necessary.
Eventually this cycle of doing more, charging more, often covering yourself or just habituating yourself, Doctors make new tech (such as CT and MRI's) routine when sometimes not that necessary.  Every ones $$$ ship rises; researchers, manufacturers, jobbers, all provides in the "health industry".  It should be called the sickness/dying/ industry.  The good news, the Chiropractic and Naturopathic Physicians and health coaches, that have been preaching what Thomas Edison said years ago; "the doctor of the future will...I'll tell you next time.
Ok, This is an experimental first for me.  I'm not sure if this will wind up as a Poop Scoop, a Rant, or just a written version of "thinking out loud".  What cha think?  Any feedback will be appreciated.  This will NOT BE Religious, although it may have some philosophy, NOR WILL IT BE Political (I hope).

I do think that after reading, attending schools, postgraduate work and many, many seminars and having spent years teaching Doctors the facts and art of being the best Practitioners and authentic humans they could be.
I have often asked folks, "Why didn't you tell me before?".  Older folks, just by living their lives, must have accumulated insights, knowledge or reasons for positions etc.  How much time we could have saved (and possibly money and marriages) if older generations shared more.  

So, in case you do not know, September 15th, 2012 will be my 78th Birthday.  Having available lots of data that I found valuable and being a philosophical pragmatist (pie in the sky may be nice but is it usable) perhaps in my rambling or answering your requests you can find something that will make your Life better.  That's all I hope with this effort. 

By the way, there is some brain cell tissue built into the heart.  It is called the SA node. LIFE expresses many ways; above down and inside out.  That's why Chiropractors and other Doctors concentrate on and are concerned with nature and natural processes malfunctioning because of INTERFERENCE.
Health is not just the absence of symptoms so why is it that drug companies only concentrate on killing symptoms?  That's like your auto mechanic just painting the red light on the dash black, (shush-shussss), 'cause the red light was the symptom that brought you in.  Find and correct the cause., don't be satisfied with just suppressing the symptom. Often and rightly so, the drug/chemical approach is called see-saw therapy.  Heart too slow, give it something to speed it up; heart to fast,give something to slow it down.  Stimulating and inhibiting is that paradigm and so it necessarily leads to "the symptom".  
Cut a nerve to a tooth, a leg, a kidney, whatever, and you'll get dis-ease.  Brushing the tooth, for instance, will not correct the "cause".  We all know to eat well enough to help stay healthy but in the above cases diet and nutrition can not correct the cause.

Enough ranting for today.  Fly your Flag and have some love in your feelings...  agr1